Black Lives Matter 

  As a company, we see it as our duty to stand alongside the oppressed.

 We believe that silence is inexcusable and only continues to harbor the hatred that has been around for far too long. It is time we all stand together for change. 

For this reason, we have created a >series of B.L.M. notebooks< in an effort to do our part. All proceeds, for the foreseeable future, will be donated directly to the BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement. 

Please join us in speaking out against racism and systematic oppression and together we WILL be the change.


What is Teal Panda Media?

Teal Panda Media

Teal Panda Media started as an idea we tossed around in 2012. Back then, it was thought of as a creative outlet for our own personal writing and other creative ventures. We wanted to find a way to bring our ideas to life and because each of our backgrounds was so diverse we began to realize that everything we needed to build this company was right there in front of us. As we progressed with our plans, the ideas became larger and our focus shifted.

We began to realize that there was a much larger purpose for us. Using our collective experience and talents to satisfy the vision of people around the world became a much more fulfilling endeavor.  In short, Teal Panda Media is about inspiring YOUR creativity while fostering YOUR passion for writing.

Our journey has been a long time in the making but the value we place on creativity is the constant that drives us. We want to bring happiness and beauty to the world using the amazing ideas of those who may feel undervalued or overlooked.

We invite you to come in, take a look around, and explore your creative mind.

In Creativity,

Teal Panda Media Team

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