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Teal Panda Journals and Notebooks



Teal Panda Journals and Notebooks by our Design Team. 

Please contact us if you are looking for a specific design. 

Customization is available.

(Choose from our 6×9 Collection or our 5×8 Collection, below)



Special Edition Black Lives Matter Notebooks

*All Proceeds go to the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement*



      Black Lives Matter |   BLM   | NOT YET AVAILABLE





6×9 Collection (150 Pages – Dot Grid Interior) 

*For more information regarding specifications, please leave us a message in our CONTACT US page.

Wilderness Concept Unity

Wilderness   |   Concept     |     Unity

Clarity Full Circle Redeemer

Clarity     |     Full Circle    |   Redeemer

Culture Tribe Polar

Culture      |       Tribe        |       Polar

Full Moon Storm Chaser Orbit

Full Moon  |    Storm Chaser   |    Orbit

Moonlight Extraterrestrial Dualism

Moonlight | Extraterrestrial | Dualism

Moonwalk Traveler Moonbeam

Moonwalk  |   Traveler   |  Moonbeam

Phases Blue Moon Route 66

  Phases    |    Blue Moon    |    Route 66

Catching Rays Dreamer Perspective

Catching Rays |    Dreamer   |    Perspective

Intellect New Beginning Mindful

Intellect |   New Beginning   | Mindful

Life Force Earth Wonderful World

           Life Force      |     Earth    |    Wonderful World

Crashing Waves Sunset Broad Horizon

Crashing Waves |      Sunset      |   Broad Horizon

Visitors Raging Waters Balance

   Visitors  | Raging WatersBalance

Nature My Notebook Earth Conscious

               Nature     |  Christian Fish     |  Earth Conscious

King of Kings

King of Kings



5×8 Collection (150 Pages – Dot Grid Interior)  

*For more information regarding specifications, please leave us a message in our CONTACT US page.

Christian Fish Skull Under the Sea Make it Happen

    Christian Fish 1   | Under the Sea |   Make it Happen

Cheetah in the Peonies Notebook Lion

Cheetah     |      Marble      |       Lion

Flowers and Dream Catcher K-Pop Music Spirit Board

Dream Catcher    |   K-Pop    |      Spirit Board

Autumn Trees Trees Fairies and Mushrooms in the Enchanted Forest

       Autumn Trees    |    Trees    |   Enchanted Forest

Botanical Wildflowers and Bees Snake Goddess

Botanical    |    Snake    |    Goddess

Jesus at Sea Lion Lover Sunflower

Jesus at Sea |   Lion Lover   | Sunflower

City of Dreams Blue Flower Watercolor Flowers

City of Dreams | Blue Flower | Water Color

Eat. Sleep. K-POP. Repeat. Cheetah Print Human Lotus

           K-Pop    | Cheetah PrintHuman Lotus

Christian Fish Christian Fish Through the Seasons

            Christian Fish 2 | Christian Fish 3 | Through the Seasons

Cross Rainbow Rose Owl Forest Friends

Cross |    Rainbow Rose    | Owl

Aurora Borealis Man in the Moon on a Starry Night Rainbow Smoke

Aurora Borealis | Man in the Moon | Rainbow Smoke

The Little Things Pastel Leaves Vinyl Records

  Little Things   | Pastel LeavesVinyl Records

Butterflies and Flowers Mushrooms and Orchids in the Enchanted Forest Strawberry Fields

Butterflies & Flowers | Enchanted Forest | Strawberry Fields

Sunset in Color Nature Flower Painting

Sunset Painting | Nature | Flower Painting

My Cross 70s Retro

  My Cross   |   70s Retro |   Mom Life 1

          Mom Life 2  |  Strawberry Moon

Amity Beth Designs

Dot Grid Notebooks/Journals


Dot Grid Paper JournalDot Grid Paper Journal

Happy Satellites  |  Are You There?

 Rainbow Butterfly

Rainbow Lips  |  Rainbow Smoke

Rainbow Peace Signs

Remember the Night   | Remember the Night

We ALL Dance Home

Rainbow Unicorn (Pink)Rainbow Unicorn (Orange)

Rainbow Unicorn (Purple)

Unicorn Power   |           Vegan AF

Vegan AF

Vegan for Life     |    Speak Your Truth

Rainbow Rosie

Rainbow Peace  |  She is Sun & Moon


Rainbow Peace     |   Autumn Crickets 

Rainbow Flowers

 Rainbow PRIDE     |    Remember the Night

Orans, Prayer & Meditation

I Would Drive All Night for a Kiss

Planners & Guides


2020- 365 Planner | 2020 Meditation & Coloring

Speak Your Truth 2020

  Truth 2020 Planner  |  2020 Weekly Planner

Speak Your Truth 2020

My 365- 2020 Planner  |  My 365- 2020 Planner


Lifestyle Journals


Instant Pot Recipe Journal


#1 New Release on Amazon!

Best of the Best Instant Pot Recipe Journal 100 Favorite Recipes Edition:
Customize and Organize Your own Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook for Fast and Easy Access to all of Your Favorites Paperback
#30 in Rice & Grains Cooking
#434 in Vegan Cooking (Books)
#655 in Kitchen Appliance Cooking
(Updated February 3, 2020)





My Manga Book  |  Plus Ultra Blank Comic

My Super Action Book

My Big Book of Doodles

Kendra Fitzmodir Creations



My Daily Journal: 30 Days of Learning –

What would you like to learn about today?

My Daily Journal: 30 Days of Learning - What would you like to learn about today? My Daily Journal: 30 Days of Learning - What would you like to learn about today?

Buy It Now!


Allow your child to hold the key to their own learning with this personal (learning) journal. This 8.5 x 8.5 daily journal helps kids keep track of the Year, Month, and Day.
The journal also includes daily coloring pages, drawing prompts, and plenty of space for writing!
This book is developmentally appropriate for children from Pre-k (with guardians help) to 3rd grade (completely independent).
Perfect for spending quality family time, or independent learning time!



Tracking My Baby: Daily Journal-

Daily Journal That Helps Caregivers Track Baby’s Pees, Poops, Feedings, Sleep, Doctor Visits And So Much More!

Tracking My Baby: Daily Journal: Daily Journal That Helps Caregivers Track Baby's Pees, Poops, Feedings, Sleep, Doctor Visits And So Much More!

Buy It Now!

Things get tricky when caring for a new baby.
‘Tracking My Baby: Daily Journal’ will help all caregivers keep tabs on baby’s pees, poops, feedings, sleep, doctor visits and much more!
Sleep deprived or not, this journal will help you meet your baby’s health needs and allow them more time to explore their world.
This beautiful gender natural 6 x 9 journal is perfect for first, second, and even third time parents and can fit in any size diaper bag!!!
Up to 6 months of total tracking to keep your life organized with,
‘Tracking My Baby: Daily Journal’



Wedding Planner: Classic eucalyptus wedding planner-

checklist, dot journal, and undated two year countdown calendar

Wedding Planner: Classic eucalyptus wedding planner with checklist, dot journal for ideas, and undated two year countdown calendar

Buy It Now!

200 Pages for ALL things wedding! Greenery/eucalyptus classic design cover with Beautiful matte finish.
The interior allows you to plan your wedding the way YOU want.
Equipped with a traditional wedding checklist of must-haves, 100 plus pages of dot-grid journal to help with list making, notes, final plans, budget, and countless other possibilities to help shape your special day.
24 months of undated calendar pages make for an exciting and easy way to lay out deadlines and other important dates counting down to your wedding festivities.
Last but not least, you are provided with a blank table of contents for a fully customized planning experience.




Kendra Fitzmodir Personal Journals

*For more information regarding specifications, please leave us a message in our CONTACT US page.



Kindred Spirit Turtle | Kindred Spirit Mailbox


My Dot Journal 6×9

My Dot Journal 5×8

Gigi With Love

“Artistic coloring books and
other creative publications designed  for
meditation and relaxation”

– From Gigi With Love



Adult (Advanced) Coloring Books



Pumpkin Lovers   |    Winter Lovers    |    Dog Lovers


Sunflower Lovers   |   Flowers & Butterflies   |   Bird Lovers


Flower Lovers    |   Ocean Lovers   |    I Love You


        I Love You Sister   |   I Love You Mom   |   I Love You Grandma

I Love You Best Friend   |   Easter Advanced Coloring  |  Peace and Love



Children’s Coloring/Activity Books


                100 Cupcakes  |  Christmas Cookies & Cakes  |  Halloween Activity Book

Happy Easter!



Lifestyle/Graphic Novel Workbooks


Creative Make-Up   |   My Graphic Novel


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