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Publish your Prompt Journal, a Workbook for your course, a Custom Business Planner, Family Geneology, or other paperback creatives.

Purchase Options (example pricing is based on 100-page books with full-color cover and black and white interior):

  1. Bulk Purchase
    (Use this option if you will sell in-person, or through an Etsy or Shopify store)
              🐼 4.50 per book plus shipping, 10 book minimum order

  2. Sell on Amazon
    Your book will be published through Teal Panda Media (contract required).
              🐼10% Sales Commission of Retail Price

    Cost breakdown of a $9.99 book:  

    $9.99 Selling Price – (Printing + Amazon Fees + $1 TPM Commission) $6.84 =
    $3.15 Author Royalties Per Book 

    TPM will
              🐼 List your book on  (Non-US sale option is available, but will        require a 60-day hold on Royalty payments)
              🐼 Generate your monthly sales reports
              🐼 Forward royalty payments MONTHLY minus 10% commission (Royalty payments in excess of $650 will require TPM to send a year-end 1099)
              🐼 Brainstorm with you on how to create more sales opportunities
              🐼 Brainstorm with you about other book ideas to complete your vision
              🐼 Work with you to find your perfect price point for selling

  3. Sell on Amazon or Self-Publish  
              🐼 Free! Our files are upload ready for you to self-publish on Amazon!

Send us an inquiry with any questions.

*Important note about ISBN numbers and Bar codes:  ISBN numbers from Bowker (USA) are required if you plan to sell your book in a Bookstore.  We do not issue a Bowker ISBN.  The ISBN we issue is for the sale of your books through Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, or in-person sales.  We will purchase a Bowker ISBN and Barcode at your request.  Please include that request in your inquiry.

Note: Amazon fees include: commission for Amazon, 2 day Prime shipping, and sales tracking.

Pricing Information may change without notice. (updated June 2020)

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